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Horizon has the capability to provide a full range of geologic services to meet your needs. Horizon personnel include a Registered Professional Geologist and staff experienced in a variety of geologic investigations. Horizon provides geologic services in support of federal, state, and local permitting requirements. Horizon can provide geologic services to meet other site-specific project needs, both inland and coastal, for residential land development, municipal water supply, transportive systems and corridors (roads, highways, pipelines, electric distribution lines), and energy development (oil and gas well sites, surface mines and quarries, electric generating plants).

Horizon provides geologic services including, but not limited to:


  • Geologic Assessment

  • Project Management

  • Mineral Prospect Evaluation

  • Economic Mineral Evaluation

  • Karst Resource Assessment and Management

  • Cave Exploration and Mapping

  • Hydrogeology Studies (Dye Tracer Studies, Aquifer Testing)

  • Edwards Aquifer Rule Compliance

  • Texas Commission on Environmental Quality:

  • Water Pollution Abatement Plans

  • Edwards Aquifer Protection Plans

  • Contributing Zone Plans

Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists Firm Registration No. 50488

Geologic Services